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  • When can we get things left in my students desk/locker? UPDATED 3/25/20

    At this time we do not know when this can happen. As we continue to get guidance we will let you know what the plan is moving forward.

  • Will we be required to make up the days missed from March 17th-April 6? UPDATED 3/25/20

No, we will not have to make up the missed days.

  • When will enrollment for next year (including for incoming Pre-K students) take place? 

    This is dependent upon when we return to school. We will communicate with the school community when dates are set.

  • Are any of the facilities at Byng open? UPDATED 3/25/20

    No, all facilities are closed, other than for essential school staff.


  • How could an extended closure affect Senior events?

This is a very uncertain time, especially for our high school Seniors and their families.  We are currently unsure of the impact COVID-19 will have on Senior events.  We will continue to monitor the situation and as we receive guidance from the Oklahoma State Department of Education, the CDC, and local health officials, we will reach out specifically to our Seniors and their families regarding any changes.

  • Will we get our caps and gowns that were ordered? UPDATED 3/25/20

    Yes you will. We are working on a plan for you to do a curbside pickup for your caps and gowns.

  • What about Graduation? UPDATED 3/25/20

We are so proud of our seniors and all you have accomplished! We are currently making plans and discussing  ways to recognize you in May, regardless of what restrictions are in place. Once restrictions are lifted, and the State Board of Education allows it, we would love to have a graduation cermony on campus.

  • What about our Senior trip? UPDATED 3/25/20

We will reach out directly to each family concerning this for specific details, but there will be no school sponsored senior trip.


  • When will distance learning instruction begin? UPDATED 3/25/20

Distance learning instruction will begin on April 6th. We will be in contact with every studetn prior to that time.

  • When will you provide information about at home learning? UPDATED 3/25/20

Our entire team is working diligently to ensure that students have opportunities to continue learning while at home. We will begin providing at home learning activities for the week of April 6th. The State Department of Education is relaeasing additional guidance on 3/27/20, but we are preparing our own plan to submit to the state for approval. We will be in touch via the email you have listed in PowerSchool with specifics later next week.
  • Does my student need a laptop or tablet to complete their activities? UPDATED 3/27/20

No. There are a variety of supplemental activities which can be done using an device, but they are not required for basic instructional lessons.

  • Will there be online learning or instructional packets sent home?

Not for the initial two week closure.  The State Department of Education has advised schools to not provide any instruction for the March 17th to April 6th closure

  • Will you provide summer school?

Summer school would be dependent upon schools being allowed to be open, funding to operate the program, and staff to provide services.

  • Will my student graduate if the school doesn't open again this year?

The local board of education decides if students have adequately met the requirements for graduation. We will recommend that all students who have met requirements graduate.

  • If we return to school, will students still take state tests? UPDATED 3/25/20

There will be no required state testing this school year.

  • Can students who are in drivers-ed finish the class they are in?

At this time we cannot offer any educational services at school. 



  • Are we still having prom?

    Any event that falls in the March 17th-April 6th closure window will either be canceled or postponed to another date later in the year.  Then it will be dependent on if we return to school.

  • Do students taking concurrent college classes still have them?

    Yes, most colleges and universities have moved to an online platform for their college courses. If you are unsure please check with the college where you are currently enrolled.

  • Do students who attend classes at PTC still attend? UPDATED 3/25/20

    No, the closure by the Board of Education impacts technology centers too. For specific information regarding PTC please visit their website 

  • Are you still giving the April 4th ACT exam?

    No, ACT has cancelled their April 4th national test date and rescheduled tentatively for June 13. Students who had signed up to take the April exam should be receiving an email from ACT. You can find more information at

  • What about AP testing?

    College Board continues to monitor the current health situation and according to their website, has already canceled the May 2, 2020, SAT administration. We will keep you posted on additional information as it is provided to us.

  • What about those of us who are signed up to go on the trip to Italy this summer?

    The following is information directly from the tour company:

    “Given the evolving nature of the situation, our safety teams around the world continue to assess matters on a daily basis. At this time, we have only postponed trips through the end of April. 

    For tours departing in May and beyond, we are committed to providing you with a more comprehensive update by the first week of April. We will not resume tour operations until we receive updated guidance from the U.S. Department of State and feel confident that our travelers will be able to fully enjoy the immersive, culturally-rich experiences that we pride ourselves on delivering. 

    To give you additional time, cancellation fees will not change through April 30. Your group can decide to postpone the tour. Also, individuals may elect to receive a Future Travel Voucher.”   

For additional information please contact your trip sponsor directly.


  • What events/activities/contests are cancelled? UPDATED 3/25/20

    All events, meetings, activities, and contests are canceled through the remainder of the 19-20 school year.


  • Will you be providing meals to students during the closure?

    Yes, we will soon have a webpage concerning meal distribution for complete information so check back frequently.

  • Is there something I can do to help? I would love to volunteer with meals.

  • Our community is always so generous and caring, offering to jump in and help one another whatever the need may be. At this time the thing our school needs most is for you to stay informed with updates and resources provided by our district, and to share that information with friends, family, and community members. 

If a need arises within the district we will let people know about the needs and reach out to those who have so kindly offered to help.

If you have additional questions, please send them to

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