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State Champions

Edison Robots

Circuits with Mrs. Turlington


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IACByng Elementary’s Academic Students represented our school in a BIG way at the Regional IAC (International Academic Competition) Bees!!  We have students qualified for Nationals in Orlando and Internationals in London, Vienna, and Puerto Rico!  The IAC Bees are individual competitionis that students have to qualify for by taking an online exam.  It takes a lot of courage to compete solo when you are used to competing as a team.  We are so proud of these amazing kids, their teachers, their academic coaches, and their parents for their time and dedication!  

5th Grade Science:   3rd Place – Sam Micozzi – Qualified for Nationals and Internationals  4th Place – Jase Sneed – Qualified for Nationals   5th Place Sam Townsend

6th Grade Science:   1st Place – Hannah Wolfe  2nd Place – Jaxson Eaves  3rd Place – Parker Thornton        4th Place – Matthew Baldwin  5th Place – Brynlee Baker     PIRATES swept 6th Grade Science!!!!!  ALL 5 qualified for Nationals and Internationals!  

Several also placed and qualified in History and Geography.



Jackson CollinsCongratulations to Jackson Collins for qualifying for state in Smash Brothers!  


Genetic Chickens

”Who’s the Folks?”  Students in Mrs. Willoughby’s 8th grade science classes have been on a genetic quest trying to

determine each of their chicks' parents.

Lego State Qualifiers


Mrs. Wallis' chemical and physical change

PLTW Modules

PLTW 1st Grade

Jackson Collins - 3rd Place; Everett Denney - 4th Place; Trace Wood - 1st Place
Jackson Collins - 3rd Place; Everett Denney - 4th Place; Trace Wood - 1st Place





Fourth grade students observed the principles of rocket propulsion as they made Santa fly.  Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  The students supplied the energy from their breath and trapped it in the balloon (Santa’s Sleigh).  When their balloon was released, that energy under pressure drove Santa’s Sleigh (balloon) into the sky (the string path).