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Forms for the 21-22 school year will be available after the rollover later in the summer. Please check back in July.
This page contains instructions for students who attended school in the Byng District in May and are returning to a school in the Byng District in August.  
Step 1
Go to the Byng Schools Parent Portal website and login to your account : Byng Public Schools Parent Portal 
Powerschool for Parents Link
*If you do not have a Parent Portal account for your returning student, please email or call the school office for help setting this up.

Step 2

  Once you have logged in to the Student and Parent Portal – (if you have more than one student in Byng Schools make sure to click on your new or returning student’s tab at the top left side of the page) – then:

  • Click on Forms on the left hand side.
  • Complete all the forms listed all the way up to the last one – Form ‘X’.

These forms do not have to completed on the same day however, your data entered will not be saved unless you click on the submit button at the bottom of each form.

PLEASE NOTE** These online forms pre-register your student for Byng Schools. You will still need to come to the school office on one of the Enrollment Confirmation Days to complete additional paperwork and to provide the following information:

  • Proof of Residency*
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • Social Security Card
  • Custody papers (if applicable)
  • CDIB Card (if applicable)

* Utility Bill, Rental Agreement or Purchase Agreement. Utility Bill must be gas, water or electric. Cell Phone or Cable bills will not be accepted


For questions: 
High School (580-310-6733)
Junior high (580-310-6744)
Byng Elementary (580-310-6723)
Homer Elementary (580-559-0200)
Francis Elementary (580-559-0270)

or email

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