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  • Will there be online learning or instructional packets sent home?
    • Not for the initial two week closure.  The State Department of Education has advised schools to not provide any instruction for the March 17th to April 6th closure
  • Will we be required to make up the days missed from March 17th-April 6?
    • At this time we do not believe we will be required to make up these missed days.  The State Board of Education will meet again later this month and is expected to approve instructional time waivers so schools will not be required to make up missed days.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Will events such as Prom be canceled?
    • Any event that falls in the March 17th-April 6th closure window will either be canceled or postponed to another date later in the year.  Then it will be dependent on if we return to school.



  • Will the school be providing meals?
    • This is being discussed and should be determined before March 23‚Äč
  • Will there be graduation?

    • At this time it is too early for us to know about events that far into the year. That is something that will be determined at a later date. 


Monday, March 16th

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